Saturday, August 20, 2011

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program.......

Just a really short entry talk about a passion of mine.
I adore tomato based dishes, of all kinds!
One of my passions is to preserve tomatoes so that I can enjoy them in the dead of winter. I love making pasta sauce or any Italian dishes more than anything.....
So I googled how to preserve fresh tomatoes (short of canning them) because I don't have the desire to use a pressure cooker, etc.

So I came across a site that said to merely toss some of your tomatoes (preferably Roma's if you want to make a thick sauce) into some boiling water for at least 45 seconds, then put them in ice water to peel the skins off......then squeeze out the seeds and put them in a ziploc bag (make sure you squeeze all air out of it).
Then, come November, when your dying for some fresh made spaghetti sauce, there you go. Take your bags out of the freezer and make your sauce.

I'm all over it, can't wait. Sounds so much better than canned tomatoes....don't you think?


Rhonda said...

I'm all over it, you are too cute. That does sound good, Gail. I actually think I've done it before and they do taste delicious.

I love the grape tomatoes you've pictured. I eat them at the office all the time.

melanie said...

love tomatoes too!