Thursday, October 27, 2011

For the love of French!!!!!

So earlier this week my printer ran out of yellow more printing for me until that gets replaced which means no more printing shipping labels when I sell something in my shop...which means I get to copy the label to a pdf then email to dh's office where he gets to print it out for me.
Still with me? So I've finally gotten all my packages out but with one of them I had to send it from the P.O. (won't bore you with that story!)
The good news in all this is that there's an awesome used book store right across the street from our P.O., and I thought since I had to be there anyway I might as well look around.
I found the two gorgeous dictionaries pictured above! Not one, but two of them!!!!!
Now if you look on Etsy you'll find all kinds of people selling just the illustrated pages from these dictionaries, which is fine if they're so beat up that they can't be salvaged. But both of these are so awesome, one is listed in my shop already. The other I'm afraid I must keep!
I'm in love.........................................:).
It's so much fun to find a treasure, or even two!

Well, someone snapped up the first one and I'll be holding onto the other for awhile, yay!

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Cyndi said...

What a great find. A treasure of a book. I've been looking for one, but apparently in all the wrong places. Lucky you and the person who nabbed the one you listed.