Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jonesin' for a great read.....and a pet peeve~~~~~~~~

Yesterday I popped on over to my local B&N to, hopefully, find a new and exciting something to read.
I started in the magazine section....zip, zilch, nada.
Gosh I miss the days of going in and grabbing 3-4 different magazines (at a reasonable price mind you!) and leaving the store happy! Miss, miss, miss that.
Even the new "Where Women Create" didn't excite me....I know!
But because of the price I need to be overwhelmed by it, kwim?
Otherwise I just don't pop for it.
Left that section with nothing.....:(.
Then I decided to check out the decorating section (which I might add is dismal). Why oh why don't they offer more books?
Now I have my eye on the three books above, and I know the first one doesn't come out until Nov. 1 so I wasn't expecting to find that one. But I'd love to flip through the other two on my list to see if I'd like them or not. They weren't there, but there was a woman who had all but set up a tent in front of the decorating section, she was quite large and it irked me no end that she didn't even offer to move out of the way so that someone else could get a look at the shelves. Why do people do that? Why so self-absorbed? I normally wouldn't have a problem asking someone to please get the he double hockey sticks out of my way (nicely of course..:) but I just wasn't in the mood yesterday. It was my first day out of my house in 5 days due to illness and I guess my expectations were a bit too high and maybe, just maybe, I got cranky?
Anyway, have any of you got an opinion on the books above?
I'd be most indebted to know your opinions on them. It's no wonder the big box bookstores are going out of business! All they push now, it seems, are Nook's not books.
Whew, I feel better, thanks for listening to my whine....:).


melanie said...

wow...let it out girl...I would have asked if she could move ...but then that is me!
I know what you mean, there are no "great" magazines out there anymore that don't cost over $15 ...no wonder everyone is looking and buying on line, even magazines...
ahhh...whine away...

Vintage Market Place said...

oh Gail I am soooooo with ya on this.
I long for the good ol magazine days.
Nothing here either that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
I love Mollie Makes but it is also $$$ but it is also an import.
Yep, I don't pop on somersets unless they really call my name. 16 is a bit much for one article.
and even the romantic homes and things have jumped to 7.99, whats up with that!!
We only have one book store left here and the selection is bad. I loved to go and sit for hours and dream in books but now, I dream about a think called a book...Stupid NOOKS and Ipads the world is going to POT. (yes I just became an 80 year old lady) lol

Linda K said...

Do you use your local library? I order books through them when I know they are coming out and get on the list; FREE too! And, my Interlibrary Loan system is wonderful too for ones my library does not have.

Rhonda said...

Some people, right? I love a good whine.
We are right there with you, I will not spend $15 on a magazine, unless my friend is in it. NO, I'm kidding. It better be a good issue, is all.

I have never seen those books but I will look them up now.

Glad you feel better xo Rhonda

Claudia said...

Oh my goodness, do I agree with everything in this post! Magazines have to be full of great stuff before I will buy them. And the Stampington magazines are gorgeous, but expensive. So, I stand there and thumb through them. Unless it floats my boat, I don't buy it. And the decorating section at my B & N is very disappointing! It always looks picked over and nothing new is there.