Sunday, September 16, 2012

A perfect day for sailing............

We have a dear friend who owns a sailboat....
in fact he's the special friend who we called on to help us put together our Adoption Book when we were ready to adopt Katherine.....he's a whiz with a computer and photos, etc.
He helped us so much and he owns a was the perfect weather day for sailing....82 degrees, no clouds, and so very perfect for a we brought the sandwiches and the wine and Eric provided the sailboat.
My dd got to sail the boat for awhile, then it was my turn.
So much fun, he's a great friend!
What a great feeling with the wind catching the sails and the blue sky and blue water.....we were enjoying it while we can.
Summer will be over soon....take advantage of all she has to offer while you can!
What did you do today?


Kathy said...

Oh, what a lovely way to spend your day. I only had the chance to sail once but the thing I will remember forever is the SILENCE of it. I was only 17 years old (yes, very long time ago) but I still remember that impression. Lovely.

Teresa said...

I used to sail - quite a bit.

Then, I started noticing the similarities between a sailboat and a frying pan floating in the hot sun.

One day, I just jumped into the Bay. I couldn't take it anymore. Of course, I had forgotten that we didn't have a get back in the boat.

Andy's Attic said...

Sailing is so much fun. Glad you got to enjoy your day!!