Monday, September 24, 2012

Gosh darn but it's quiet around here......:(

Why so quiet? Because my little is away at a 3 day Outdoor camp with her class......they left today and won't be back until 3:00 on Wednesday.
So I spent today shipping out some packages and did a bit of shopping.....then I passed a school around 3:00 and saw all the parents picking up their kiddos.....waaahhhhh!
It's all good though because she loves nothing more than an adventure and couldn't wait to get packed to go!
Then I met a friend at the P.O. and she was sending off a care package to one of her sons who just went off to college!
She said, "Don't blink, she'll be gone that fast!"
The thought of that makes me so very sad and I don't know how anyone gets through that loneliness of missing their child when they move out.
This picture of her is on her 12th birthday and she was beaming because she's a HUGE power rangers fan....! And I think it's great and encourage her to love whatever it is she loves and not try to fit in with everyone else.
We're all unique! And she's a gem...tomorrow I get my hair done (thank goodness, I'm tired of scaring people!) and I swear I'll try to keep myself busy.....she'll be home soon, right?
Dh and I may even go out to dinner tonight, just the two of us.
What a concept!

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Rhonda said...

I truly doubt you scare people with your hair, Gail, LOL - I have a grey streak in mine right that is scary!! Must color my grey tonight!

Oh, she'll be back soon..enjoy the silence, I say!!