Sunday, March 17, 2013

Does anyone have this book?

Just wondering......her home is in the current issue of  'Romantic Homes' magazine and well.....I was quite smitten with her style. However, the price of between $60 and $70 for her book kind of put me off. Can anyone vouch for it? Is it all that and a bag of chips? I do love her style but......that's a lot of hard earned dough.
Anyway, in other news I'm trying to concoct a yummy Easter menu since we're hosting family this year....yay! I love Easter and am always looking for great, no fail recipes.
This week will prove to be very busy I'm sure. Dd has this last week and then Spring break is upon us.
She went with her Dad to see the MythBusters on tour here in Eugene and she got to go up on stage and help them with an experiment! Oh the excitement!
Hope you all have a great week......!


Vintage Market Place said...

Hi Gail.
It seems someone out there in blogland did post about this book with some pics it was very lovely looking but yikes that price scares me.
I will wait, it would have to come with furniture in order for me to pay that price. ;)

Gail Thayer said...

Agreed Amy,
I dont' get the huge price point........!

Vintage Market Place said...

I do believe it is a import so maybe that is why???