Friday, March 8, 2013

Where've I been?!!!!!!

Well now, it's been awhile!! Blogger has not been my friend lately, as some of you can attest to since you've had the same problem! But it's o.k. and certainly not the end of the world because I've been so occupied doing other things. My shop has taken a lot of my attention, as has my family and that's as it should be, right? I'm proud to say that my dd (12yo) took the first place trophy in her 6th grade science project! We're so proud of her and she worked really, really hard on this project....!
I found the super cool footstool today with I don't know how many coats of chippy paint on it....had to have it! The little steps fold up underneath the seat. So cool!

My dh took one look at it and said, "Great! Look at all that lead paint!" He skeered me so I just finished giving it 2 coats of clear sealer after wiping off the flakes that were loose....not really that much so I'm not too worried.

Found this gorgeous wool blanket as well, it's already listed in my Etsy shop.

And how about this pretty 3-tiered organizer? LOVE this! Was going to list it as well but I'm not sure I'll be able to!
I've also been up to my ears in a studio re-vamp of me, it's about time. I'm getting rid of some things that need to be gone and basically re-organizing so that I can actually work in there....what a concept. It's actually not so great to have a studio if you can't work in it, much less get around in there.
I'm sure I'm not alone (please tell me I'm not!)
Anyway, life is busy but good, hope yours is the same!


Vintage Market Place said...

Oh Love that stool!!!
What a great find.
I am so with ya.
I am still cleaning out but I am loving my new space and the freedom it gives me to work on new projects.
I have just realized that I have stuff I will never ever use and work on or with. So it is all going.
Good luck with your cleaning.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

That's a great find, Gail! The chippiness in all those different colors is just wonderful.
I always make a big mess when I create. Sometimes my cutting table and my sewing table are both burried under fabrics, laces and papers. Then I know it's time to clean up :-).
Happy weekend!

Kathy said...

Oh yes, I think every art room reaches a critical mass every now and then and you have to do "the purge-o-rama" - out with the old to make room for the new! Good luck with the re-do and I hope you will show pictures.

melanie said...

Love the stool!!!

Annette said...

Congrats to your daughter. I was terrible at science. The stool is soooo cooool!

pinto01 said...

Cute, I love your blog very much!

Visit my blog, please:

Blessed Serendipity said...

Gail I am LOVING all of your finds! You find some of the coolest things. That footstool is really neat I would of kept that chippy paint too. Adore that sweet blanket as well. Hope things are warming up a bit in the PNW. Spring and garage sale season is just around the corner ;)

xo Danielle

Recycled Rita said...

Oh Gail!
That stool is to die for! Great find!
Can't wait to see your studio when you are done! karen...

Recycled Rita said...

Oh Gail!
That stool is to die for! Great find!
Can't wait to see your studio when you are done! karen...

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