Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to school time, and this backpack is so very appropriate for my daughter (most days!). She loves school, and for that I am so grateful, knowing it could change some day...We fell in love with this backpack at Target last school year. We have loved the Mister Men/Little Miss series of books long before they were readily available here, so we were thrilled to see Target carrying so much of the product, really cute stuff!
Aren't these tally cards the cutest? I bought them on ebay and got about 8 packages (unopened) of the cutest designs, I was thrilled...good price too. They make great tags for gifts or for my journals. I really wanted to include more pics on this post but my computer is not cooperating for some reason, wouldn't even let me upload photos of my new Halloween tags that I just made. They'll be going in Melanie's store, All-My-Favorite-Things, in Portland soon.
She's coming down to visit this weekend so we can go to the Coburg show, should be a blast!
Our weather here is absolutely perfect, it feels a bit like Fall already.
By the way, my biggest news to date is that I got accepted as a vendor on Lollishops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you think I'm excited, oh yeah, just a bit over the moon....can't wait for them to be open for business. In the meantime, there's lots to do, starting with the gingerbread house challenge, I'll be starting that very soon...
Til next time..........hope everyone has a productive and fun day!


melanie's all my favorite things said...

the tally cards??? are they coming to the store too??? they would be cuter than cute in the bits and baubles section of the store! We are all looking forward to your new stuff in the store...customers can't wait!!! (me either!)
love your blog! Congrats on the Lollishops gig- you will be GREAT!!!see you this weekend!

Lisa said...

congrats on your lollishops gig!! love that backpack and your new tally cards!