Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Case of the Broken Vase......

Hmm, what a mystery I had to solve on Tuesday. On Monday, first day of Autumn I went out to purchase a vase and fall-scented candle. Got my goodies home, made my display, lit my candle, was good to go.
Speed ahead to Tuesday, I'm talking to bff on the phone, wander into living room, glance down at my lovely display and much to my dismay, the vase is askew (aka broken!). What could have happened? Did my cute puppy wander in, wag her tail, and knock it over? I thought that must be it, because if my dd (8yo) had broken it, surely she would have told me right?
So here's the convo in the car on the way home from school:
Me: "Katherine, were you playing in the living room yesterday?"
K: "Yes, I was in there for awhile."
Me: "You didn't happen to break anything, did you?"
K: "Oh no, Mommy, nothing glass got broken in there."
Guess I had my answer......