Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting my "freak" on for Halloween.....

I don't know, is she scary? My bff thinks she is, so I thought I'd put a halloween party hat on her and let her greet everyone who comes over. Hope they don't think I'm too wierd, would you be afraid?
True to form I've already made some changes to this mantle, like putting black crows on top of the cat shadow box (they add just the right touch of eeriness. I'm all about the spooky this year.
The BOO letters are by Making Memories, I got them last year and covered them with the vintage looking Daisy d's halloween paper, then embellished.
I'll try to post more tomorrow, I've got so many projects in the works that I'm worn out mentally. Do any of you do that, kind of overload yourself?
I also need to learn how to take better photos, maybe I need to take a class.....

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Lisa said...

come over here and decorate for me!!!

ok--that halloween doll is freaky!!!! perfect!