Friday, September 12, 2008

New vintage Halloween finds and a gift........

So I went to St. Vinnie's, and was so happy to find the 80, that's right, 80 treat bags, can't wait to use these somehow. Also in the same bin were two large bags of vintage halloween cupcake picks. I showed the different styles there, but can't wait to make cupcakes and put these on the top!
Then there was this very cool Halloween "book" that is supposed to hold candy, but I'll think of a different use for it, it's very cool inside and out.
This last item is for my SIL, (sure hope she's not reading this post!). It's her birthday today and I made her this collage because she loves Halloween (who doesn't?). Love you Heather and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
Hope you're all creating something wonderful!
Have a great weekend!


melanie's all my favorite things said...

Love love love the Halloween collage...isn't it my birthday?

Lisa said...

that is awesome!! i love it!