Friday, October 24, 2008

Vintage wallpaper love......

The little storage box on top will go to Melanie's store (one of them), the one on the bottom may need to stay with me....I think I need more storage, along with another hole in my head :)!
This cool box has the neatest dovetailed corners, other than that it was boring so I put four of my favorite vintage wallpapers on I'm loving it.
This is a little vingnette in my living room, I found the silver footed tray at Value Village for $14.99! Didn't buy it at first but Melanie convinced me it was a good price so I went back for it. It's my first "footed" tray and I love it.
I made a new set of BOO letters because I gave the old set to my good friend Brandy, who came over and was gushing over them.....I told her she needed them. Then I kept looking at my mantle and it just looked empty, I was so used to seeing BOO up there. Went back to the store and of course they didn't have those letters anymore, so I bought a bigger set and made these.
New tags I made for Mel's store.......I like the black and white aspect of these.
Well, I'm off to decorate dd's school for her Pumpkin Carnival tonight...hope you all have a great weekend.....go carve a pumpkin!


Polka Dot Moon said...

What fabulous goodies!!

melanie's all my favorite things said...

Really want you to sell the large dovetailed container at the is awesome!!! And the BOO letters- so very cute!!!

Michele said...

Beautiful wallpapers! Love 'em.

Lisa said...

great pieces gail. if i come and drool over all your stuff will you give it to me? LOL

Heather LeAnn Fogarty said...

Hi There!
I came across your post after reading others that eventually led me to yours!
I absolutely love your BOO letters, and love the other posts as well. Keep up the good work! Great Blog!


Alisa said...

Everything looks fabulous Gail!

Love the black and white tags and really, you can never have too much storage! :)