Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some sweet new storage finds for my studio.....trunks and drawers (sounds like a post about underwear!)

I love this doll trunk I found at St. Vinnies! The sweet label says "Like the big ones we make for Mother". How cute is that? And because it only measures 20" long and 10" tall, there's plenty of room for it in my room ( well, kinda, I am starting to run out of room!) Better get dh to add on for me :).
I'm certain the reason this cutie was in there for a whole week or so without selling is because most people just walked by it and didn't bother to open it up to check out the inside, a mistake I'll never make again after my Dr. bag debacle with Melanie! If they had opened up this beauty and merchandised it with some awesome old linens I'm sure it would have sold on the first day, but I'm glad they didn't!
Then today while running all over tarnation trying to find canning lids (come on people, stock your shelves!!) dd and I stopped in at a new Goodwill and look what was in there....these uber cool Singer sewing machine drawers! This is a fairly small piece too so no problem.....and they'll hold lots of stuff.
I admit I bought them for the hardware.....very cool.
Well, off to make some raspberry jam, then take dd to her swim lesson! It's HOT today, hope it's pleasant where you are.


melanie said...

ooohhhh...I am sooooooooooooooooooooo the are one lucky girl!

Diane said...

Oh Gail! I do like your background =)
And, the trunk is so very cool....not to mention the Singer sewing machine drawers! Great finds. Doesn't that make kind of thing make you SOOOO happy!!

Jamie said...

LOVE!!!!! Lucky Girl!! Love, Jamie