Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy July Fourth!!!!

Happy 4th of July! We had a great day daughter climbed into bed with me around 8:00 and requested aebleskiver's for breakfast. If you haven't had them before you're missing out!
Then I requested that we drive to a Lavender Farm that had an ad in our lavender! We had a fun drive through the country out there, then came home and made hamburgers on the grill.
And our weather was perfect.
Tomorrow is a big day for our dd, she wanted to become an altar server at our church and tomorrow is her first time! She gets to be the Cross bearer, light the candles, etc. Very exciting.....then we'll have a barbeque at home and do some fireworks. I do hope you all have a great July 4th, one of my favorite holidays.
Let's give thanks to all the brave people who make our freedom possible.........God Bless You All!!!!!

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Life Goes On said...

Love your fourth of July vintage post cards. Ihave tons of old post cards but no fourth of July's.. Have a great day