Friday, July 16, 2010

Such a lucky, lucky girl....

First of all, I need to say what a generous community the blog world is! But then you all know that. I've entered lots of giveaways, I've even been lucky enough to win a few.
Here are my latest winnings......from lovely Rhonda at a little bit french, look at this goodness! The cutest ledger packet ever, stuffed with great ephemera (french, of course!)

I'll have so much fun creating with all this paper goodness..if you haven't been to Rhonda's blog yet, well you just need to hurry over there! She has another giveaway posted today (she does them every Friday!) and I've been lucky enough to win twice, that's right, twice! She also has the most beautiful Etsy shop, you can link to it right from her blog.
Rhonda, I can't thank you enough!

The second bit of beautiful goodness I won was from Shari at plays with paper. Just get a load of how the box was gorgeous! I won this beautiful Alice in Wonderland necklace that she made.
What? Couldn't believe my luck at winning this, I'm wearing it right's just beyond beautiful!
You must check out her lovely blog and also her shop, promise you won't be disappointed...
O.K., I'll be back on Monday with a fun makeover, have a lovely weekend all!!!!


My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

What fun goodies to win! Show us what you made with it. :)

Amy said...

Don't you just love that Rhonda, she is such a wonderful lady. Her spirit shines thru her creations.
O, that necklace is AMAZING!
You are so lucky lucky!
I just love reading such happy posts and this energizes me to get creating!

TinyBear said...

wonderful goodies - love everything. You lucky gal.
~ Tina

Elyse said...

congrats on your wins. so much fun!!!


melanie said...

so very cool...and to think,when you come up to Portland...I have "giveaways" for you, very bestest friend!
hurry up and get here...