Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Come see my "freshened-up" laundry room......:)

So my laundry room has been dismal for quite some time. It needed some organizational help. The "storage" basket above is one that I almost got rid of....but I decided to keep it and added some crochet trim for interest. I made the towel above also because I always seem to get wet hands in the laundry room and towels come in handy. The jar with old clothespins may or may not stay where it is.

I've had this shelf forever and decided to feature my clock collection for awhile...the child's bloomers were purchased at an antique mall.

This interesting item was also purchased at the same antique mall, I'm not sure what it was for but it's ancient. The pillowcover has always been on the window. We're lucky to have a door leading outside in our laundry room, it gives great natural light.

My attempt at humor...had to have some sort of vintage picture that relates to laundry, right?

This is an old doll's slip that I've hung over a vintage mirror.

More old linens hanging on hooks. I've had this shelf forever too. It comes in handy in this small room for clothes that need to be hung dry.

Lavendar bunch....best smell ever! I can't remember where I found the cute embroidered bed caddy but it's fun to tuck things in there.

My dh bought me this black iron shelf unit and it holds a lot of my "stuff".

I originally had put my fabric softener in a different bottle but this one works out better because it has an easier screw top.

This pink bag holds my fabric dryer sheets.

I purchased this basket at World Market and added the ruffle to it myself.....

Interesting knobs and another lavendar sachet.....
So there you have it, next I need to organize the cabinets above my washer and dryer, and change the light fixture in this small room, oh and paint it too. Guess I'm not quite finished yet after all....:)


A Treasured Past said...

Hi Gail, what a gorgeous laundry, I could happily spend time in there washing clothes, have a good one, Tamara

Amy said...

oh it turned out just lovely Gail!!!
Doesn't it help when it is time to do the laundry to make it pretty and look good to help?
You really made it PRETTY!
Happy Laundry

Kathy said...

Lovin this BLOG and your Laundry room!
Glad to have found you!
Where have I been?
Fun to do Laundry in such a sweet space...
Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Stop in...love to have you too!

Fete et Fleur said...

It looks lovely! I'm so glad you didn't get rid of your basket. I think they are invaluable in a laundry room. My greatest wish would be to have an indoor laundry. My laundry room is currently located in my garage!


Rhonda said...

Gail, Oh Gail, you did a smash up job, as they say! How beautiful and all you! I love it, I tell ya. I am so glad you kept the basket it is perfect. I don't know what part I love the most because I love it all.

xoxoxoxoxo Rhonda

Gail Thayer said...

Thanks ladies for all your sweet comments and support of my laundry room. My email is having "issues" again so I can't respond individually but so love your input!
Bloggers are just the best at encouraging one another....:).

Uncovered Ruby said...

Gail, your laundry room is beautiful!! It makes me want to overhaul my own. I love the jar with old clothespins, your beat up blue shelf, the round vintage mirror...sigh...where do I start?? Lisa ;-)

Kim said...

Hi Gail..

Your laundry room makeover is fabulous. Who ever said doing laundy had to be a chore?? Doing laundry could be "loads" of fun when you have a great space like this filled with all sorts of vintagy items that make it so pretty.

Great job!!


Rose Garden Romantic said...

What lovely touches you've added to your laundry room! I love the shelf with vintage wallpaper! Your new blog background is really pretty!

kana said...

I love your vintage looking laundry room! I need to declutter mine and then I would love to do what you have done. Thanks for the inspiration!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Just delightful!