Monday, January 24, 2011

It's just not fair!!!!!

This time of year plays with my heart. We had a stunningly beautiful day today here in the PNW, mostly sunny skies, a few scattered wispy clouds, and temps in the mid 50's. Oh how I wish it would last, but I've lived here long enough to know better....:).
Look at my daphne bush above, it's getting ready to burst in February with my favorite floral scent of all time. (Thanks Mel for introducing me to the charms of daphne!)

This is one of our sasanqua camellias, they thrive in lower light, which we have quite a bit of in certain parts of our courtyard, they thrive in there!

This pic is looking down our street, see the blue sky? Such a tease!

Even St. Francis is smiling today, the sun's on him...

And have you ever heard of the Sarcococca plant? (Not really sure if I spelled it correctly).
It also thrives in shade and can't take the sun. It blooms right now with a very heady scent. I had a friend come over so we could walk today and she said "What is that scent?" She had never heard of it and it's a perfect plant if you have a shady area that is difficult. They're evergreen and the fact that they have scent in January is a huge bonus for me. There aren't many plants with scent this early but this one is great, we have them by out back door as well.

Luckily we're supposed to have several more days like today, my heart is singing~~~~~~~~~~


Amy said...

Oh do enjoy your beautiful weather.
Your walk looks so pretty.
I love the picture of that gate.
I will rub it in by saying our weather is near 70 and record highs for this time of year.
I could do with out it, we get enough sun and heat the rest of the year. You can have it, LOL

Rhonda said...

Wonderful photos, Gail, and that wrought iron fence is amazing.

Your weather was teasing you for you know it was just for a day or two.

Uncovered Ruby said...

I love daphne's too, and I also have the soroccoca plant (I know I butchered the name), and I love how it smells!! The sun will come back soon! Lisa ;-)

Laurie said...

Daphne's are wonderful, they smell so good! Enjoy the sunshine while it's here! I agree about the cost of the Bella Notte Linens, but we can always dream and drool :)

Have a great week,

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Gail, your yard is just gorgeous, love your fencing. I've never heard of a Daphne bush, but it's just lovely. Only thing green here is the holly.

la Brocanteuse said...

hello! thank you for your visit to my blog, and much appreciated comment. thank you for sharing your lovely garden pic's..MUST do some gardening this side, but it is so very hot at the moment, it really is impossible.
xo Colette ~ Afrique du Sud