Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh my goodness, I must be losing my head!

Yes it's true, I'm feeling that urge....the urge to purge!
I've decided to pare down my doll head collection. Now those are words I never thought I'd say!

But here's the thing....I'm working on a studio re-do, organizational thingy.....and I'm purging lots of things that I thought, at one time, that I just had to have. And as I look around my studio I find that I just had too dad-gum much stuff!
Is dad-gum a word? Probably not but you get my drift.
So off it goes to my shop along with many other items still to come.
It feels really good to pare down and clean up and organize.
Big sigh of relief. Less clutter=more creativity!
At least for me.
What are your weeks plans?


Kathy said...

I adore your art room and all the flowery inspiration and I envy all that space. Are you going to participate in Where Bloggers Create this year? I signed up because it's a fun blog hop but now I'm trying to figure out how to photograph my room since it hasn't really changed much from last year.

Vintage Market Place said...

I totally get it Gail.
There comes a time where you just throw your hands up in the air and say enough is enough.
I have done this so many times and yes I do wish I would have held on to something from years ago when I first started hoarding...I mean "collecting"
but it all comes back in some way shape or form down the road its just always more expensive ;(

Have fun cleaning.

Andy's Attic said...

Purging is so much fun if the mood strikes you! I am trying to get things ready to leave my garage and go to A Vintage Gathering sale in July. I hope to purge enough to get a car in there....

PiecesPassed said...

Sometimes ya just gotta do it...but boy, those little curls on that doll are so cute!! I'm sure she will sell quickly!

Rhonda said...

I totally get it...I keep a fabric pouch on my studio door to add to every now and then, the finds that I know I will never use.

Some lucky thrift store or crafting friend gets that pouch...wanna come over?? Just are trying to purge not collect never ends.