Saturday, June 30, 2012

Working on some new ribbons on this rainy Saturday.....

So we had big plans to go down to the Olympic Trials here on the U of O campus but the rain kept us away....absolutely crazy weather! But after seeing what some other parts of our country are going through, I'm grateful and happy! I've been working hard in my studio getting it organized as I have to do every year. It actually feels so good to do this...especially when it's all finished!
I'm getting ready to participate in the infamous "Where Bloggers Create" party hosted by Karen of "My Desert Cottage" fame.
The trick now is finding a sunny enough day before July 14th to photograph my space.
Hahahahaha! Sad but true!
I've pulled out my vintage Classroom Printer stamp set to create some new items for my etsy shop.....I love these old stamps beyond all reason and can't imagine ever getting rid of them. This set was gifted to me by a good friend,Cyndi, and for that I will always be grateful because if you've ever tried to find one of these special stamp sets you know that the cost can be crazy...I should say CRAZY!

Anyway, so far I have a bird ribbon and a nest ribbon.....more to come! And I'll be on the hunt soon for some wonderful new fabrics that I can make some special ribbons out of.
What have you done lately that's creative?
Please do share?
Oh, and lest I forget, if you haven't picked up the latest copy of Somerset Life then you're missing out! It's beyond fantastic!
Inspiring me no end.....


Petite Michelle Louise said...

how lucky are YOU to have those vintage stamps! oh my..just LOVE the "nest" one. very sweet! (That fabric is sweet too). hope the sun shines down upon you soon but.... either way...i am sure your creative space is just "divine!" can't wait to see it (i'm joining in too!) ;)

Vintage Market Place said...

very lovely Gail
It is so funny what is expensive in one part of the country is so cheap in others.
I think my hometown area is still the best kept secret for still being able to get deals. lol
now the plane ticket getting there is another story :(

bedroom paint ideas said...
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