Friday, August 15, 2008

Addicted to thrifting......

This has got to stop! Why do I feel the need to go out every day and thrift? It's really the thrill of the hunt that I know too many of you can relate to.....but I know I can take a break now, I've got lots of supplies for a while :).
Got to get in that studio and create some more goodies.
BTW, thanks Lisa for your nice comments on my wares, that means a lot to me. I check in on your blog , thereyougo
all the time.
Today will be a good day to create, it's supposed to be about 100 degrees here. That's way too hot for me..........
See ya,


melanie's all my favorite things said...
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Lisa said...

well i love to thrift too. you don't have to stop--you can go and get stuff for me!!