Thursday, August 14, 2008

I thought I'd continue on and try my hand at "linking" to my best friends blog.
Her site is called, which is also the oh-so-cute name of her store. The variety in her store is tremendous, and I feel so honored that she wanted to carry my items! If you're in the Portland area you must check out her store. She's at 8339 SE 13th Ave. in Portland, Oregon, and she also has a booth at the Stars Antique Mall which everyone in Portland has heard about....she's a talented lady and has quite an eye.
I'm still working on getting my store up and the meantime I'm making some fun items for it. Things like wallpaper journals, embellished clothes hangers, wallpaper tags, wallpaper bins (do you sense a theme here yet?)
My husband has all but begged me not to wallpaper the dog!
I'm off to work some more now, take care and please visit again!

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Lisa said...

i saw your stuff over on your friend's blog. cute, cute stuff gail! i wish you the best of luck!!! glad to see you blogging!!!