Thursday, August 28, 2008

Testing for larger pics...

This is one of my collages that I did, using an old cabinet card and old buttons. The image of the
girl is from paperwhimsy.
Hopefully this picture will show more detail than my previous photos.......these are some clothespins I covered with wallpaper (didn't I tell you nothing was safe?). I use them all the time to help secure things that I glue, so much prettier than a boring plain clothespin!


bella shabby said...

Hi Gail , It such a small world. I know your friend Melanie. We stop by her shop in Portland at least once a month or more. I have purchased some sweet things from her. Your photos turned out great - I could see all the great details in your project. Sue

Sarah said...

OOH I love the clothes pegs!!! Gorgeous work on your blog