Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bingo anyone?

I just love the graphics on these old games, and they're so great to use in collages or albums.
I have so many bingo cards I think I need to start making some collage greeting cards or something.
Went thrifting today (shocking, I know) and picked up two books of vintage sheet music that have the most awesome titles in them and also found some beautiful sheet music. I've never bought sheet music until very recently and don't know really what to do with it, but the graphics on them are beautiful, as are the songs themselves. My current thought is to use them to cover some of my journals.......
I'm so glad the Olympics are over tomorrow night, they're kicking my butt! I've stayed up until 1pm for about a week now.....very tired.
More pics soon.


melanie's all my favorite things said...

I'll play bingo...these are great! Love love love the pics of your studio!!! Can I move in?

Lisa said...

you can send extra bingo cards my way! ha ha i love them. i use them in my scrap pages!

oh my gosh--i love sheet music too. i did christmas quotes on some one year for the women in my church group. i've also used them on cards and scrap pages.

you need to do some collages with the sheet music and some vintage santa images!!