Thursday, September 23, 2010

Help me! I've fallen and can't get up!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you may wonder what I'm talking about with the above header about falling.......these pictures will give you a little idea of some of the things I've been up to lately........foofing a table in my living room.
Displaying some of my much loved brown transferware now that it's fall, stacking some thrift store books on top of a platter, I just like that look :)
Adding some piano rolls to a vase, as well as french pages with flowers added...
Finding a new home for this beautiful old frame brought home from the thrift store....
Changing the display on the top of my fridge....that huge round basket with the latch and handles looks so much like one you'd see at PB for mucho dinero, but I found mine at the thrift for very little dinero :).........
And the picture above is where I stall out, become immobile and paralyzed....where to begin with this's been so long that I just buy some cool item, throw it on top of the counter in there, and sadly walk out....berating myself the whole time. I have been able to make a few things, but usually by removing them from my studio so I can have room to work! Anyone else see the craziness in that?
Wish I had someone to help me, but since I don't it's time to put on my big girl pants and get in there.
Do you think I should get a tetanus shot first? HAHAHAHA!!! She laughs so she won't cry :(
I know this is hardly earth-shattering, and I know it's happened to many of you, but for crying out loud, why can't I be more organized in there? AAACCCkk, so frustrating.
And really, I'm lucky to have this problem, right? After all, it's great to have your own room to create in and I'm so very I just need to act grateful by cleaning it up.
Thanks for listening to my pity party, I do appreciate it!

And please say a prayer for me that I don't fall in there, because I probably couldn't get much stuff in the way.......


Amy said...

Oh gail, if I only lived closer I would dive in with ya to get it all put away. This is now the pot calling the kettle black, lol
If I shared a pic of how my studio looked today it would be mistaken for the way I want the discarded baby on your table!!!
She/he is lovely.

Kim said...

I'd come help you Gail if I lived closer. Maybe I'd be able to aquire another lovely treasure or two from you if you do a bit more destashing. Check out my current blog post. I'm featuring the totally gorgeous doll dresser I purchased from you a few weeks ago. I LOVE it!! Just the sort of thing I'm always on the lookout for. Thanks so much!!

My Shabby Roses said...

Been there...done that Gail! I think everyone goes through that. As I know you know it will feel so...good when it's cleaned up. I cleaned up mine about a month ago and the mess is slowly coming back. I should jump on mine too! Hapy Cleaning,

Claudia said...

I think we've all run up against this one. Take a deep breath and dive in!

A Treasured Past said...

Oh, I have the same thing in our computer/playstation/dining/come everything room :( My daughter had a friend over recently who politely asked if the room was our garage..oh, how embarrassing ..he he. Good luck :) Tamara

kana said...

I have your same table in my creative space and only good intentions to do much about it!! I also dump the newest purchase on top of the others. Is there a diagnosis for our problem? My daughter will be home from college for fall break in about 3 weeks and my goal is to clean up my act. Just hope I can do it!! If you lived in Tn, we could just help each other!!

melanie said...

oh for goodness sake...buck up and get it those big girl pants on yet???
by the way...I am on my way to come and steal it all...listen for me to break in tonight...and it will all be gone...(I'll leave the hubbies stuff doesn't appeal to me at all!)
ahhh...what are BFF's for, anyway!
(tomorrow morn if you are looking for any of your might check my store shelves :)

Uncovered Ruby said...

I totally understand your tears, I can't think when I'm surrounded by my 'work area' out in my barn was so totally unorganized and a disaster zone that I just stood there in a daze for hours before I knew where to start (maybe not hours, but it felt like it!) A little bit at a time, just chip away at it, it'll come together! Your Fall decor looks beautiful by the way ;-) Lisa

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, your pictures are just wonderful!
Your table is filled with goodies just like mine!
Ha ha
Have a great weekend!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Gail,
I hear you on the organization. I get one area cleaned up and notice how out of control the rest of the house is... guess we all just need to plug away a little at a time. Good luck, I hope you didn't fall. I need to get going on my storage closet and I'm scared to go in there... spiders perhaps!

Gail, thank you for your very kind comment about my cat, Gigi. I truly appreciate you taking the time and sharing your kindness with me. Thanks for giving your golden a hug too, would've made her very happy!!!

Gail said...

THANKS BLOGGY FRIENDS!!!! I so appreciate your cyber-hugs....this day has been a frustrating one (nothing to do with my studio) and it's so nice to read your kind the support in blog land, don't you?
Hope you all have a wonderfully creative weekend! :)