Monday, September 27, 2010

~My Daughter's Hand~

I took my daughter by the hand...we raced to greet the sun...I didn't sweep the steps today, but I remembered how to run.

We traced the fenceline to the pond and watched the she knows how tadpoles turn into hopping frogs.

She reached her hands up to the sky, a swallow fluttered by...she flapped her tiny sure that she could fly.

I didn't wash the bed it went unmade, but we saw some Easter lilies
And we danced and sang and played.

She watched a pretty butterfly emerge from it's daughter's changing also
And growing all too soon.

You see, she is the butterfly...a vibrant summer rose. Her youth is such a fleeting thing, just like the wind that blows.

I didn't do the laundry...I didn't sweep the floor, because my little girl needs wander..dream..explore.

I didn't clean the house today...I didn't dust the stairs, in twenty years, no one will know or even care.

But I have helped my little girl to a gracious woman grow, in twenty years the whole wide world will turn their heads, and see, and know.

Patsy Gaut


melanie said...

so very very sweet...and so this post!

Gail said...

Thanks Mel,
I came across this poem from one of my vintage baby scrapbook albums from way back when, I tucked this poem inside of it so I wouldn't lose it....and I didn't!
Just kinda forgot I had will now go into her real baby album....

A Treasured Past said...

What a lovely post :) Your daughter is so precious :) Tamara

Amy said...

omg totally crying right now, this was tooo sweet. Give this to her on her wedding day for sure!!

Uncovered Ruby said...

I love this Gail, our children grow up way too fast..thanks for the reminder to cherish every second! Lisa ;-)