Sunday, September 5, 2010

Late Summer, early Fall gardening....and a new love

So my new love is the Daphne above "Eternal Fragrance". Why you ask? Because it blooms more than once! AAaaack! Daphne is my all time favorite plant, thanks to my best friend, Melanie. She has lived in some really sweet old houses around Portland, but one of them in particular had a cute greenhouse in the backyard and a lovely Daphne on the side of the house. I had never heard of Daphne until she told a great friend would do. The fragrance is incomparable...and it literally wafts across your yard, your neighborhood. 
So when I decided that I was sick and tired of the Japanese Holly bushes in my courtyard I decided that Daphnes could fill the bill. We already have a big Daphne Odora in there, but I needed more!!!!
So the above picture shows where the Daphne's will go once we get the rest of the holly's out of there....can't wait!!!!  Did you see those blooms?
I don't know about you, but Labor Day weekend always ends up being lots of labor for us...usually in our yard. I do hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend!!!! Don't work too hard :) And do make sure that you stop and smell the Daphne.


melanie said...

love me some Daphne! can't wait to see the courtyard...shooting for next Saturday and COBURG on Sunday...YEEHAW!

Rhonda said...

I will have to check out your Daphne, since we live in the Southwest, our planting is late fall. We grow tomatoes in the winter, completely opposite of most states.

It's too hot to do much yard work here but when it cools off I find it very theraputic.

My rosemary and sage plants are so big right now, they survived summer here.