Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Etsy goods....don't know what's gotten into me!

I guess it's because my studio is getting a re-do, so whatever I don't absolutely have to have is going away, like the cute gift box above and the super sweet doll dresser below. Check my Etsy shop for more details if you're interested :).

We've been busy getting ready to go back-to-school next week, fitting in some ball games and organizing a football kick-off party on Saturday. We've even had some rain here, so refreshing after all the hot weather we've had!
And next Friday my best buddy is coming down for a couple of days so we can hit the Coburg Antique Faire, yay!!!!! I missed it last year because it was dd's birthday, but this year her birthday is on a Monday so I get to very excited, it's a totally great show so if you've never been, what are you waiting for?
I can't wait to get my studio re-organized so that I can make some more Halloween goods, stay posted for those.....pretty please?
Update Update Update......the little dresser has already sold! Thank you...


Rhonda said...

Wish I could take a look into your studio! I think we all feel that way about each others studios.

I do agree with you, when you clean up your work space and get rid of what you absolutely do not need, it feels so good!

melanie said... sweet...let me into that studio...I will clean it out!