Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mercy me but it's quiet around here.....

I miss this little one like the dickens........already......yep, it's only been a few hours! I'm not big on changing routines. 
My munchkin, however, has been itching to get back to school for probably a whole month or so.....
She loves it in a huge way......and if she didn't I'd be volunteering to homeschool her, yes I would!
However, she's extremely bright and I'm sure I wouldn't be up to that challenge....hey wait, she could teach me, yeah, that's it! 
Oh well, no more excuses for me, time to get myself in gear, start working out, get my studio up to snuff, all that good stuff that I put off all summer.
I'm sure she's not thinking about her dear old Mom at all right now....but then again, I guess that's perfectly normal for a 4th grader. (I did threaten to stay with her all day today, she wasn't having any of it).


Amy said...

I just love how she(even being in 4th grade) still looks like a little girl.
and that the classroom looks like a good old fashion classroom. You don't see this when seeing children anymore.
So many little girls look like they are going to high school at this age.
I think that it is wonderful that you miss her so much, she is just adorable!! These school years are just so much fun, treasure it!

melanie said...

Isn't she the cutest girl EVER!!!! so very lucky...mine is 17...a senior...and I am soooooooooo not ready to let go...ahhhh...those first days of school are sooo very precious...
she is adorable!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

She is just the CUTEST little girl! I wish we lived closer we could have a day for our little ones to play. My youngest is in 3rd grade. I am not sure why by the school year starting always makes me a bit blue... it is a reminder that our kids are growing and they have to spread their wings a little bit.

hope you have a nice weekend, xoxoxo

Life Goes On said...

What a beautiful little girl. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend

sweetpea said...

hello and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment about the doc martens. aren't they ridiculously cute? if you google floral dr martens you'll get several sites and see all the patterns you can get. who knew they didn't just come in black and brown? hoping you aren't missing your little one too much.