Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Do you have a favorite, treasured piece of art in your home?

This is my favorite piece of art that I own......I've had her about 12 years.
I spotted her in a store (that sadly is no more) right before Christmas and told my dh that's what I wanted for Christmas, just this print. When I opened my present on Christmas morning I almost cried...he had gotten the wrong print! Thank goodness it was still there.
I don't know what it is about this picture that captures my heart so much, is it the pensive look on the young mademoiselle's face? The fact that she's probably writing a love letter in some small french cafe with her glass of red wine and her fountain pen? Notice her sweet black purse?
And the waiter behind her? This picture just speaks volumes to me! The funny thing is that I had  it a short time and then watched the movie "The Way We Were" and in one of the last scenes of the movie I spied this in the background....almost died! What are the odds?
Wish I had that leather banquette she's sitting at though....


Amy said...

WOW what a great story
I do have treasured pieces that my brother painted for me.
I just wish I had more wall space to hang more art.

Rhonda said...

Gail, I love your picture. It is wonderful and as she is sitting there thinking, this picture makes me think, as well.

I totally see why you fell in love with it.

Claudia said...

It does evoke a bittersweet kind of feeling, doesn't it? I think it is lovely and I certainly understand why you love it.

I posted yesterday about a piece I won at auction. It is one of my favorite pieces.


Kathy said... he tried. That is an amazing print, no wonder you love it so.

Anonymous said...

I have this print too! It is my favorite piece of art. I have tried to find out about it but can find nothing. Have you learned any more about it? I bought mine at a consignment shop about 8 years ago.


Sherrie St. Cyr said...

I used to have this print and I'm trying to track down another one. Can you tell me who the artist is? I thought it was Manet, but I can't find it that way. I'd love to have another copy of this - it was my favorite, too!