Saturday, November 6, 2010

Some new Etsy listings......

So it's getting to be holiday time! Yay! My goal this year is to buy all hand-made, how about you? Today I listed the wallpaper journal above (it's huge, about 400 blank pages).
This album was also added, made with old ledger pages.....
I also added this logomachy glittered banner for your studio....happy creating!


Diane said...

Beautiful, I love the banner that would inspire anyone oxox, Diane

Amy said...

I love only buying handmade for my friends and family for all holidays
Always really nice to receive handmade as well LOL
Harder to do for my son and husband.
But I am in love with your journals. I have a bit of a journal addiction,there are many in every room of the house waiting to catch my next crazy idea.

Rhonda said...

The journal and banner are absolutely beautiful!

I'm on a purchase lock down, though. My studio runneth over, as they say! Darn it, maybe these could be gifts????? That mysteriously don't get given away?

I'm so bad.