Thursday, November 18, 2010

Glittered thrift store birds.....

I'd like to talk about birds but first thought I'd show a new pillow that I bought yesterday at Home Goods...of course I went in there to exchange a rug for my laundry room and walked out with this instead....isn't that always the way? The last time I was in there I was wondering why they didn't have more pillows that reflect more "current" tastes.
You know, burlap, linen....FRENCH?!
And then I spied this beauty...25"x25", huge and cushy. LOVE it.
In other news, I've been trying to create every day, some days big things, other days little ones, like these glittery birds. Using the above items...(don't you just love Twinklets? How can you not love something called Twinklets?)
Voila, my thrifted birds, which were kinda brightly colored for my taste (but the price was certainly right! Have you seen how much these cost at Michael's? It's a crime I tell ya).
Much prettier, don't you think?
This is how they started out...pretty, but bright. I like how they sparkle now and the colors are a lot more subdued.
So don't pass up those birds while thrifting, they can be made pretty with very little effort.
What will you make prettier today?


Amy said...

WOW what a difference!!!
I love twinklets!!
Too stinkin' cute Gail.
Now for the homegoods. I don't know what has happened here, I used to love it now they have absolutely nothing, I walk in and walk out.
No more primitive section or country no more french style, baskets are all gone....I could go on and on, I used to leave with shopping carts full even putting back cause I had too much, now I leave empty handed every time. SAD :(
Glad you found some good stuff maybe there is hope for my store to get good again, LOL
Take care

Thespa said...

Your pillow is perfect and the birds you made are wonderful! Love all that sparkle. Twinklets are the best! Thanks for sharing.

Vintiquities Workshop

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Love the pillow and the birds look so pretty glittered! I've never heard of Twinklets but now I want some! Where might a girl find it?

A Treasured Past said...

Love the glittered birds! Tamara

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Gail, I love your new pillow and the birds turned out just great! They look so much prettier with that glitter.
Have a great weekend!

Uncovered Ruby said...

Gail I'm really liking that pillow! And your birds are beautiful all gussied up! Lisa ;-)

Rhonda said...

I've never heard of Twinkletts. I must have some, those birds are adorable. But that pillow is to die for!

Heather Jacks said...

The birds look like they have been dusted by snow- so dear! It reminds me of this Martha project that I have been meaning to make my mom for Christmas... since last year! Still don't think it is going to happen..well there is always next year!

*Maristella* said...

Hi Gail...molto bello il tuo blog, io amo gli oggetti antichi!!! Un abbraccio, *Maristella*.

Donna said...

Your birds are just gorgeous! I've never heard of Twinklets, now I will have to look for some, as I love anything that glitters! And I didn't realize that Martha had a glittering glue, either. I found you over at the Graphics Fairy today. Love your blog, I am your newest follower:)