Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One of my favorite things........!

Well, while talking with my bestie the other day she had a question about a picture in my Etsy shop...I sell ribbons and she was wondering about this stamp set that was pictured. I stamped some ribbon then wrapped it around an old tag, then stamped the tag with the word that corresponded.
And I was able to do that because of this fantastic stamp set...it was a gift from a friend...and if you ever see one of these sets my advice is to grab it quickly.  If it's affordable that is, because I've seen these go for quite a bit.
It was produced in 1932...for classrooms. Let me tell you, you could have hours of fun with this set.....making up silly sentences etc.
The stamps above have actual pictures of all of those items on them, yes, even a picture of George Washington! I've seen many of these little stamps being sold separately which is kind of sad that somewhere along the way the set got broken up.....
But that's what happens with a lot of our beloved vintage items, right?

In other news I'm happy to report that all my Halloween has been taken down and that was quite a job....I'm thinking a pared down next couple of months are on my agenda. Not so much "stuff" everywhere. After all, I think the eye needs a place to rest somewhere. Plus it makes your items that you do put out stand out more, right?


Rhonda said...

I actually GASPED when I saw this set....you are so lucky to own this! I will so keep my eyes peeled for one. Oh great, another obsession....LOL

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

What a FAB.U.LOUS giftie, you lucky chickie, you! LOVE it. I've never seen a complete set.... DARN.

Warm blessings,

GardenGirl said...

Hey! You need to do our show!

2nd Saturdayz Urban Junk Market!

Deb @ Garden Party ;)

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