Monday, May 9, 2011

The important things in life.........

Truth be told, there is a lot going on in life right now that is so post today has no pretty pictures, just words.

I just had the most fantastic Mother's Day, and it has everything to do as far as gifts go.

I slept in.....was out of coffee....dh and dd went to get cinnamon rolls and coffee for sweet.

Then I got to open a gift from dd (10yo) that she made at school, that I can't wait to frame. It's a note that she wrote to me (a poem, actually) that is so sweet I want to remember it always!
And she and my dh picked out some photos (many photos) for a digital frame for home that I've wanted for a  long time. We've had the frame for some time, so it wasn't a new purchase.........

I cherish this frame with all it's wonderful's our life!

Then we built a fire in our fireplace, ordered a wonderful pizza, and watched a Harry Potter movie.



Amy said...

YAY Gail!!!
It is really the best to just have our guys and children show such a simple thing called LOVE
that means sooooo much
I am thrilled to hear that you had a wonderful day

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Oh, what a perfect Mother's Day!!! Nothing is more special that the gifts our sweet babies give us!!

Rhonda said...

Oh how sweet your day was. Just for you and it made me smile reading about it.