Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Is it Summer yet?!!!!!

Well, not quite but check out the picture of my bff, Melanie, and moi above on the beach...we're certainly ready!!!!
O.K., so it's not really us, but don't they look ever so happy?
We had a beautiful day of sunshine for most of today and a great temperature of 66 degrees. A funny thing about me? I love the sunshine, but despise HOT weather, so 66 is just about right for me......

So I hit the thrift today and found this awesome frame for 2.99, it was one of those "how fast can I grab this" type of purchases. And it's big and look at the corner detail!

O.K., one corner is missing but so what? I'll have fun figuring out where to place this beauty...!


Rhonda said...

Uh, you can place it at my house, LOL

You find the bestest on your junkin' runs.

Amy said...

lol Rhonda!
Oh Gail I am with ya.
I can handle about 72* it is perfection
It has been soooo cold here and raining, very unlike Vegas, we should be floating in the pool right about now. But if the hot weather will hold off I am fine with it. I got to wear tights and boots today!!!
Take care Gail