Friday, April 19, 2013

I all but screamed.....

So today was the first day I ventured out in a week because I've been sick, and so has my dd. We've been at home trying to get well.
She had a field trip at school today and really wanted to go because it was a tour of her beloved Oregon State! Luckily she was well enough to go.
Which left me some time to have lunch with dh and hit a thrift store (scored on some books, big surprise!)
On the way home there was a sign in our neighborhood for an estate sale. Did I go? No, no I did not. Wasn't feeling great so I passed on it.
Then when dd came home I asked her if she would want to walk down the street with me to check it out.
She said "Sure!"

I'm ever so glad we went!!!! Up in one of the bedroom closets they were sitting, as pretty as can be.

They were $4 each. I couldn't grab them fast enough, then wondered at all the people who had passed on these beauties.
The strange thing is that I've been searching for some more pillows like these for a few weeks now, online of course because it's not like you can just walk into bed bath and beyond and find such goodness, right?
Check out that tag, have you ever seen one like that? I haven't.

My research shows that this company was in business in the 1940's.

The one pillow has darkened quite a bit, any suggestions on cleaning it? The other one quite possibly was never used.
Seriously clean and bright.

Of course I also found some crocheted collars that are just darling and will make their way into my Etsy shop soon....but don't look for these pillows in there because you'll never find them...they're keepers for sure.
Any brilliant cleaning tips are welcomed.
Happy bargain hunting out there.


Kathy said...

That fabric is wonderful. I have never tried cleaning a feather pillow. I just make new covers now but I'm thinking a good dry cleaner might have a way to do it since they must have a way to clean down comforters. Another thought would be to open it up, remove the feather, clean the cover and then re-stuff it. Lots of work but that fabric is so pretty!

melanie said...

Love them! Sorry you've been sick :(... Hope all is well now...