Monday, April 15, 2013

It seriously IS all that and a bag of chips....

So I ordered this book after about 2 weeks of going back and's hard to find and it's $$$$$++++!!!!!

But so worth it. This woman is a stylist extraordinaire~seriously. She's. Very. Good.
I was a bit worried that it would be all white, which is not me.
But it surely is very pretty.
The fact that she found an old home and filled it completely with vintage everything filled my heart with joy! There are copies of this book in foreign languages, but since I don't speak those I wanted to make sure that my copy was in English. I wanted to get some background on her technique, etc.
Maybe I can be just like Nina when I grow up! Whenever that may be.......;)


More pretty!

And yet more....

There is not a page that disappoints....

And the good news? She has another book due out the first of May called 'Brilliant Reuse' about repurposing old things.
Hmmmm, I may be interested in that concept. How about you?
I don't buy many magazines anymore so that's how I justified this's a book I will never get tired of.

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melanie said...

When I come to Eugene... I might have to steal that book:) looks fab!