Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sharing some of my favorites...........

Plants that is.....our cherry tree....pure love.

Lilac about to burst, can't wait.

A very sweet smelling viburnum that surrounds our back patio.



Bleeding Heart


Daphne (my personal favorite)


These are a few of my favorite, of course some others are a bit away from blooming, such as roses and peonies.
I love this time of year and seeing all the new life....and the smells!
I hope the weather is beautiful wherever you are.


Rhonda said...

Such beautiful images, nature at it finest! thanks for the get well wishes, Gail. They helped, I feel much better today.

Annette said...

So jealous! Because we live just a little bit up in altitude, all of our plants are still in bud phase. Our bulbs are in full glory now. We are always behind. Love your picutres...so petty.

melanie said...

So pretty!!