Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oh, the random-ness of it all.........

I'm big on believing that we get what we're 'meant' to get, if that makes other words, instead of wanting and wishing really hard, just put it out there in the universe that you really love something and you never know what may come your way!

I've never been a huge 'trunk' person. Don't get me wrong, I do love them and have seen many a lovely one in my day. But the reality is that often times they're simply too big for our spaces nowadays. But I've always been enamored of the ones with the gorgeous interiors, and I especially love the inserts and drawers in them, especially the old steamer trunks. I've been lucky to have found a couple and my best friend Melanie has also gifted me with a couple of them. All of mine are fabric covered drawers and they're beautiful. I love to use them in my displays around my home.

Today my dd and I went out and about to some antique stores. The prices were pretty high (as I expected them to be) so we didn't buy much.....on the way home I asked her if she would mind stopping in at one last store, St. Vinnie's, since it was right on the way.....being her sweet self she said, "Sure!"
They had moved some things around and I made a bee line for the linens department......while she headed a couple of aisles over to the toys. I looked down and in a messy corner I saw the insert below standing on end but I knew instantly what it was and I grabbed it, who wouldn't with that stunning floral wallpaper on it?

Sorry my photos aren't great but we just had a bad hail storm so there was no way of taking them outside.
Anyway, I turned around and saw the trunk itself, it was stuffed with old blankets.

I was astounded at the inside condition of this trunk, hardly any tears to this gorgeous did that happen?

I looked at the price, it had 2 different prices on it. One said 79.99 and that was covered with one that said 49.99. And since that tag was yellow, and yellow tags were 25% off today, I got it for 37.49.......oh happy day!!!!!!

Even the paper lining the tray is pretty. It reminds me of a trunk that may have been found in a farmhouse attic filled with pretty things.......

I can't stop staring at it! I think it will go in my studio to house my Etsy items, or at least some of them.
I feel so lucky, and I wasn't even in the market for a trunk.
Funny how things work out.
I hope you all find something to treasure this weekend~~~~~


melanie said...

So beautiful!!! What a fab trunk- you lucky lucky girl!!!!

Kathy said...

That is one or the lures of junking... sometimes you don't even know you want something and then it is suddenly right in front of you and you know. I think that sometimes the junk pick US.

Blessed Serendipity said...

Oh Gail, So YOU and so pretty. I am so happy it was there for you to discover and for such a great price! Happy day indeed!

xo Danielle

Annette said...

Great trunk! Love that paper lining. You found a treasure for sure!