Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I didn't want to do it~~~~~~~

but oh my heck!!!!!! This is why I couldn't open my dresser drawers.......for real!
I had no less than 17 pairs of jeans in there.....sigh.
Just call me a jeans 'hoarder', it's o.k., I deserve it!

I've lost 5 lbs. so far (thank you very much) and these jeans represent my weight losses over the years.
Every style is represented here.....let's check them off, shall we? em'
straight em' em' em' em'low em'
just below the em'
sits at the em'

It's so liberating being able to open my dresser drawers...who knew how easy it could be? Do you have the same issues as me? Do you put it off and put it off and put it off until you just want to scream?
I did....obviously.

The good news? I will NEVER have to buy another pair of jeans in my life.
How many of you think I can stick to that plan, raise your hand.

Yeah, that's what I thought....:). I'm sure I'll find a reason, we always do. But I'll sure have fun fitting into my smaller jeans again....I've already started.


Rhonda said...

LOL, I so needed to laugh right now. Very well done my friend. Very well done.

Vintage Market Place said...

Oh Gail too funny.
I love jeans but since I am 6ft tall it is so hard to come by ones that fit. But when I do I buy multiples and hoard them away and I wear them til they have holes and patches all over.
Good luck and congrats!

Kathy said...

Congratulations on both fronts - yay!!

John said...
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lala said...

I can so relate to this post. Having just dropped the 20 lbs I have been gaining & losing the past 15 years (hoping to keep them off for good this time) I finally decided to empty the jeans drawer also. My sizes went from 2 up to 10. Same thing for my tops - from small to extra extra large!!! I put everything into a suitcase marked BIG CLOTHES & carried it up to the attic - not ready to actually let go yet. I do love all of the extra space. Congrats.