Monday, January 6, 2014

MOTIVATION....we all need it sometimes~~~~~

For me, motivation comes in the form of eating more healthy food and exercising at least 5-6 days/week.
This is my year for that to happen!
Today we woke up to 25 degrees. Not that cold considering what many other parts of our country are feeling (- any degrees is too cold!) but cold here nevertheless.
I decided to work out for an hour and then started my pot of healthy minestrone soup for dinner.
I'll be cutting way back on sweets consumptions as well.
I know that once I start feeling healthier that these habits will be easier to keep, for now though I do look forward to them.
In the meantime, my dd started back to school today so my days are my own again until 3pm!
I have plenty to keep me busy, however.
Anyone else feel that organizing frenzy at this time of year?
Let me tell you, my kitchen is so organized that I think even Martha would be jealous.....o.k., I exaggerate, but it is tons better than it was. You know it's time to clean the clutter when you open your kitchen cabinets and stuff comes falling out at you.
Yep, much more organized over here.

How about you?


Kathy said...

I get that urge to purge my house every year in January. There is just something about making a fresh start.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I always get organized this time of year. Have taken a trip to Goodwill. Kids are off to college and their sheets are changed and rooms are tidy. Christmas is away and working on piles that have accumulated. A very feel good get everything in its place time for me.

Rhonda said...

I believe January means new linens, right? I would love to redecorate our master bedroom. I've been organizing and haven't finished but soon it will all be done.

I've donated to our local Thrift store 4 truckloads....yikes!

melanie said...

Even though I keep selling things out of my studio, I still feel very unorganized... I suppose as I keep selling and have less, it will be better!
I still have a " Gail " pile in my studio too, and should either deliver it, or stick it in a box and ship it!