Thursday, October 29, 2009

Computers can be a pain!!!!!

Wow, it's been a frustrating couple of weeks from a technology standpoint...and right before Halloween. I would love to have offered more items in my Etsy shop, but since my 'puter wasn't having it, it's too late now!
Oh well, onward and upward, there's always that little holiday called Christmas! And besides, I don't really need a holiday to create something cool, right?
I've been really busy cleaning and organizing my studio and getting dd ready for the big night on Saturday....she can't wait!
I did get up to Portland to see my best friend, Melanie. That was a blast and she gave me some of the coolest stuff yet! As soon as I get some photos I'll post them....meanwhile I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween :).

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A fun holiday project.....

For those of us with young ones at home...I know my dd asks every Halloween and every Christmas..."how many more days until_______", so I was searching the web for countdown calendar ideas and came across one that was perfect. This idea came from the very talented Lori at mudpiestudio.

Go get yourself a tin sign, one that will take magnets...mine was originally a Bar type sign, so I painted it black, and luckily the corners already had the lovely white scrolls. Bought this at Michael's. My fun images on the magnets were from Lisa's Altered Art, you must check her out! FAB, is all I can say!
Go get yourself some little pieces of thin wood (about 1.5 in.) also at Michael's. Right next to the wood pieces you'll find little thin magnet squares to fit on the back of the tiles you'll make.
Buy your images, cut them out, glue onto the wood tile, age them with inks, stick magnet on back of tile, then I used old orange game pieces from a lotto game for my numbers on each tile.
Then I used copper color stickles to outline my calendar days.....super easy and sparkly!
Then I had some leftover stickers that I applied to the dd loves getting up every day and seeing how many days are left until Halloween. And next year we'll pull it out and do it again...
On a thrifting note, look what I found at Goodwill yesterday. Now I know not everyone wants an old beat up music stand, but I did and I was lucky enough to find one for $4.99. It's the perfect amount of chippy, adjustable, and lightweight...what more could you ask for?

This will be fun to decorate with, I have soooooo many old books and vintage sheet music....
Go create something fun people.......

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Witch boots, haunted mantel, and a ledger....

Aren't these boots just the "witchiest"? Thank you Etsy.....where all things cool can be found.
I've been really busy decorating the house for Halloween, or as my dd calls it, "Hallowed Halloween", she just loves it to pieces!! She's going as a bee keeper this you ever get tired of going to the stores and seeing the same old costumes, year after year? Well, that's where I'm at this year, really needed something a bit more "out there" and clever. So hopefully she'll be the only bee keeper at her school parade. Trying to find the bees is a bit tricky this time of year though, so I had to go online, but found some today so will anxiously await them and then start applying them to her costume.
Found this ledger on ebay, I really do need an intervention when it comes to these....I adore them! This one is large and just stunning with cool writing least it wasn't expensive so I can't feel guilty for "winning" it.

It's been beautiful weather here, sunny but getting cold, 28 degrees tonight! Love it that way.
My big project this week is cleaning my studio.......again :(. Wish I had magic fairies to keep it clean, I really do.
Hope you all have a great week, and happy creating :)).

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Halloween to come......

Well, if you've not experienced the weirdness of a computer going rogue you're lucky!
Mine decided to do some really strange things on Friday that really scared me. Even worse was when dh got home and looked at it and heard the sounds it was making he said, "It doesn't sound good." In other words the hard drive was fried or the mother board (whatever that is) was history. Either way, all I could think about was.......what about all my "stuff" downloads, my purchases, my email, all of it........gone......
Well, because my dh is so talented..he got it going again, and needless to say I now have backup so I don't have this happen again.
Can you really afford to lose everything that's on there? I know I can't.
Just some advice, take it or leave it......I know what I'd do.......
Soon I'll be posting some new Halloween goodies in my etsy shop........stay tuned...again!