Friday, July 28, 2017

Hello friends! I must admit I've forgotten how to blog so if this looks strange please forgive me, it's been a few years!
I do hope you've all been well and life is treating you kindly......I've been working in my studio (cleaning it unfortunately, not creating!) but it badly needed to be done. I'm getting rid of so much stuff, unfinished projects, supplies, etc.

Not too sure yet where I'll sell these goods because Etsy has surely been letting me down for at least the past two years. Too many changes, sigh, and not for the good.

I'll leave you with some current 'work-in-progress' photos and hope to re-connect with you all very soon!!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

It's a cyber sale!!!!!! WHAT????

That's right, for the first time I'm offering a sale on my Etsy goods....just put in the coupon code SAVE25 and you'll receive 25% off that item you've been coveting!

Happy shopping out there my friends!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Soon we'll be here..........our dream "HOME"

I admit I've had troubles of late with's what happens when you take a "time out". Things change behind your back!

We look forward to our annual beach trip which will happen soon. It's the thing that memories are made of!

So many changes in our lives recently, thankfully most of them great. Hope you and yours are feeling the same. It's Summer and the livin' should be easy. I hope you're all taking the time to relax and re-fuel.

I made these BEACH letters using my dd's Laura Ashley border. They sold pretty quickly and I do hope the new owner enjoys these letters! I love making things like this that speak to people. I like to imagine how they will use them in their home. Are they for a child's room? A studio? A sunroom?

It's fun to think of the possibilities.........don't you think?

Monday, May 18, 2015

My long awaited shrine.........................

I bought this frame years ago from a lovely etsy seller....I've always had the intention to make it into a special tribute/shrine to my sweet Mom who passed a few years ago. I miss her each and every day. I have no words for just how much. I've gathered bits and pieces over the past few years of what I wanted to include.

I had this photo of her holding me when I was a baby, her handwriting is on the back. I'm glad I never rushed this project because each and every element included have come into my possession in just the last couple of years, with the exception of the photo of course.

I've always loved the shabby details on this frame and the fact that it's rather deep suited my needs perfectly! I glued down some of my favorite wallpaper as a background then started adding some of my favorite pieces that I own....after all, this is a special piece!

A vintage scapular.......

The other side of the's draped over the top of the frame.

I feel so blessed to have this special photo of my Mom holding me as an infant......she was beautiful inside and out!!!!

Have you ever made a "shrine" or special tribute to someone you love? This piece will hang in my newly remodeled studio so that I can see my sweet Mom every day and think of her. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's been a long and winding road.................!!!!

 I'm not at all sure where the time has gone but I do know that I've been B-U-S-Y!!!!
But who hasn't, right?
 I've had a heck of a time even getting my blog back......what in the heck has happened to google? Or was it just me?  Who knows, not even worth debating.
 I've gone through a massive studio re-haul and am exhausted! Trying to make my studio work WITH me, not AGAINST me!
 My sister and I have also 86'd the whole antique mall 'booth' concept. Nothing against the concept, just didn't work for us and I'll leave it at that........:).
 This piece is one that I bought for our booth that has a new happier home in my own personal studio! It's a perfect fit for all of my pretty dolls.
 I've been purging in a HUGE way and you can find all sorts of goodies in my Etsy shop that used to live in my studio........I'm sharing with the world! Some have even taken me up on my offerings and for that I thank them!
This special table is one that my dh bought me for Mother's day. I saw it in the mall and hesitated....when I went back it was gone............!!!! Oh no! We've all been there, right?
Well, dh had purchased it for me and kept it a secret for an entire week....I'm impressed!

In any event, I thank those who have inquired about me and what happened with my blog or lack thereof...... It means a lot to me and you know who you are!!!

In other news my sweet dd is about to graduate from 8th grade and her one and only school so we have a ton of festivities just ahead of us.......all great! What a special time in a young persons life.
She's such a wonderful girl, we are truly blessed.

Hope you're all well.......I look forward to getting back into the blogging world.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A teeny bit of Christmas decorating.....

A new-to-me vintage 3-D advent know, the beautiful old ones that were made in Germany? These are the type I grew up with and I've decided to start collecting a few of them. This year it will be all vintage for me! (Well, mostly vintage!)

I purchased the gorgeous doily keeper from a wonderful Etsy seller....there's a smaller one that is identical . The old fabric with the blue flowers and birds is just them both! This vignette is in a corner of my dining room.

Pretty gold glittery bird holding a very old gospel card....he greets you as you come through the front door.

I've been so lucky to find some amazing old Polish ornaments (mostly at Vintage Industry) and they look so pretty all together in a all the pinks and the wee bit of glitter that is still barely hanging on......:).

Another advent calendar from Germany....adore this one with the trees that 'stand out' in the front.

More fun Polish ornaments. They're like miniature works of art to me!
How is your Christmas decorating going? Have you started yet?

(Please excuse my less than stellar photos, it's a VERY dark and rainy morning here in Oregon and I took these with my iPhone!)

Friday, November 21, 2014

What's on your work table right now?

I've been creating, how 'bout you?
A wintery angel house.....

Tart tin ornaments (with angels of course).
Crocheted ornaments (with angels of course).
Seeing a pattern yet?

Went shopping at the Vintage Industry yesterday and came home with some wonderful goodies, including the box of shiny brites above....I mixed and matched them with some of my own personal favorites and will set these two boxes out as part of my vintage Christmas decor this year....

I love creating at this time of does the soul good!
I hope you find a bit of time just for yourself to make something that makes your heart sing.
All of the above creations are currently in my Etsy shop awaiting their new homes...!