Thursday, February 24, 2011

What I did on my snow day....well part of it anyway.

Remember this tool caddy from my last post? It needed a makeover but I wasn't sure where I was going to use her.....

Here she is now, on top of my washing machine, holding cleaning supplies and a little lavender.

This is one of the ends that I decided to put some upholstery webbing on with a french label.

Close-up of the label....

Had to use my "vintage" stamp somewhere on this!

Old fabric trim with lace softens the handle and makes it easier to carry....

My really old sprinkle bottle for ironing.....notice the wallpaper? There's a different paper on the front and the back......

Detail on the other end....

Lavender tucked in......

I lined the bottom of the cubbies with old wallpaper....
So there's my cleaning caddy...I look forward to adding more supplies to her.
Tomorrow is probably going to be another snow day here...yippee!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

He didn't even flinch........

Good Sunday everyone....I had to go run for my camera when I turned around and saw this this a.m.
It's a typical Sunday in our home, t.v., newspapers, funnies, aebelskivers, church, etc.
After church this morning my dh asked me if we wanted to go get some pizza at a local pizzeria and then head over to the recycling center's flabbergasted I was, and couldn't say yes fast enough!

This was the first item I spotted...on the "free" pile no less. It's filled with orchid tubes....they're really dirty and dusty....I care not since I love to clean things....:)
I'll just need to add a bin pull to the drawer and it's all set to go.

This is the item I thought my dh might have issues with. But he didn't. See that price of $5 on the handle? That's probably why. It's covered with icky stickers that have been on there for ages because most of them aren't coming off easily....

Time to get out my trusty sander....look at all the cubbies on this guy! It measures a whopping 21 inches long and is really heavy...I'll be able to fit lots of my crafting tools in this cool bin.

cubby heaven........

Someone went a little crazy with the man stickers but that's ok. I see some cool vintage wallpaper in this totes future.....

Can't wait to clean her up and show her off!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I've finally completely lost my head!!!!!

Yes, that's right, I "won" another kid leather doll body on dh gets a good chuckle when I say "I won!" He's thinking, "Umm, yeah, not really."

I love them without their heads...this one has great porcelain hands to, although one of the thumbs is missing...wonder where it went....any guesses?

o.k., we'll never really know now will we?

This head looks kinda cute on her, doesn't it?

Alright, I agree, it needs to be a pretty girl doll head. Guess I have my work cut out for me...looking for a pretty head.
Just a light post for a Saturday night...hope you're all having a great's cold here, expecting snow!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What I'm working on right now.........

I love, love, love making journals.....there's something very satisfying about putting all the right elements together so that they gel (at least to my eye). 

I have a lovely customer who has asked me to put an order together for her...and it includes some journals........

Lucky me!

I've started using my 1926 Singer sewing machine again (it's so much fun to stitch on paper!)
Unfortunately I broke a needle yesterday....oh well, time to buy some more anyway.
I'm also looking for a great sewing book, you know, the kind for novices but that has really cool patterns and ideas. I just ordered French General's Home Sewn and can't wait to get it! I plan on making some linen sheets for my bed as the cost of the new (or old ones) is cost-prohibitive for me.

I'll be doing some research on Amazon tonight for some good basic sewing's been too long for me and I would love to get back into it! And I think I need to add some stitches to the sweet girls photo above, don't you?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The finishing touches.....

on my laundry room...check out my new decal from circlelinestudio on Etsy....

and please, for the love of everything decent in this world, try not to notice the floor in this picture...just the woven rug. See, I had been searching for just the right rug for this room...unsuccessfully. It was either too light (showing lots of dirt from my dog running in and out) or too dark (showing lint, etc. that comes naturally in a laundry room).

Then I remembered my parents, years ago now, had given me this rug woven by my grandma from Texas. I tucked it away thinking, "This is kinda granny-like and not really my style". Well, guess what? It's my style now! I was repairing some of the seams on this rug before putting it out and noticed that some of the fabrics used by my grandma were the same fabrics that my mom made some of my childhood dresses out of......awwwww, I was really sold on it at that point! And once this room is painted and the flooring material is changed, it will still be the highlight, as far as I'm concerned.

If you like my new decal, let me know...and get yourself over to circlelinestudio, she has lots of really pretty decals and it was super easy to put up!

Monday, February 14, 2011

May you have the sweetest.....

Valentine's Day ever......xoxoxo

Sunday, February 6, 2011

~A most generous blogger~

That would be sweet Amy at
A while back she had a giveaway of a coffee sleeve crown that she had made for her shop and anyone who commented got a chance to win one...well, she went ahead and made one for everyone who commented~ their own special crown and mine came the other day!

It was wrapped in this great shredded paper and she personalized mine with items she knew I would lily of the valley and a glitter initial, some white tulle and a pink button.
Amy, thanks so very much, your crown is very happy in it's new home, and you're one of the sweetest bloggers I know.

If you haven't been to Amy's shop yet, what are you waiting for?
I guarantee you won't be disappointed!
Thanks again Amy, and I do hope you're enjoying your sweet Mom's visit!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Adding character to your home.....

I found this cool piece on's an old wooden countertop display box for house numbers.

At least that is what it was originally for.....I think I might use it for either hanging our house keys (after inserting some cool old hooks) or displaying some old skeleton keys.

I love finding unique items like this for my home, don't you?

Keeps things interesting..:)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A couple thrifty finds.....and some pillow lust....:)

A sweet new addition to the Pottery Barn spring it but not gonna buy it.

And another (not gonna buy this one either) it though!

Really love this one....may buy it...maybe.

Now this one I own already. It's my prettiest least I think so and that's all that matters, right?

~Her close-up~

Found these amazing spoons at GW them so much I want to marry them....

Check out this one with it's cute measuring lines....notice the little  dip thingy on the left? It's why I bought this spoon, that and it's adorable red painted handle. I'm a sucker for old kitchen utensils.

In love with this good sized galvanized bucket which I can use around the house, Liberty thinks she can use it too...:)

Lastly, this scary old cabinet card....I'll definitely use her next Halloween!
Thanks for checking out my newest thrift finds! What have you found lately?