Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Barefoot Dreams Art Challenge".....

I'm so happy to be participating in Sandy Babb's wonderful "Barefoot Dreams Art Challenge"....rush on over to her blog, it's beautiful and you have until Tuesday to link up your creation.
She has several images to choose from and you must include the word "Dream" in your creation....of course I chose the beach scene!

This image speaks to me on so many levels, probably because we have a little girl about this age, and we all love the beach...we've gone every year since she was a baby and stayed at the same beautiful beach house on the Oregon coast. I love the happy and contented look on this little girls face! Her mom and dad are nearby and I get the impression the world is her oyster.....what happy memories she's making!

I originally was going to use vintage wallpaper as a background (shocking I know!) but instead came across this antique book cover that had just the right colors for what I wanted.

I then found just the right sheet music to include with an "admit one" ticket (oh yes, please admit me to Summer!) It's a rainy cold day here and you can see what I'm dreaming about...:).

I didn't want too much embellishment but I did have a bag of seashells that I've had forever that made a fun frame around this dreamy little girl and her happy family....

So I do hope you can join us in this fun challenge. You can go to Sandy's blog and see her own beautiful creation that one lucky person will win, along with some of her wonderful art stash!
My fingers are crossed!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When "perfection" is the enemy of "good enough".....

Well hello! I had a bit of inspiration this weekend...always a good thing but you never know when it's going to hit, right? I found this vintage horse show ribbon and thought it might be the perfect thing to alter for either a Valentine's day item, or just s shabby romantic goody to hang in your studio...

I started with finding all the shabby items I wanted to include...and although I love the color red, I knew I wanted to tone it down a bit! So out came the creams, and the image I adore from a gorgeous shop on etsy called ArtCult (her images are digi and so beautiful!) At first I thought of sewing on my fabrics and crochet pieces, then I decided to glue them on instead.....much quicker and I guess I was feeling lazy yesterday. I really wanted to achieve a layered and shabby look here....and I think I did.
Some glass glitter to finish off my image at the top and she's all done....or is she? As I sat looking at this creation I wondered if I should add more....maybe some buttons, maybe some more tags, maybe some ribbons? I think those of us who create fall into this trap a lot (at least I know I do!) of not knowing when to walk away from a project. It's hard to see it with fresh eyes when you've been gazing at it for awhile, isn't it?
 I decided to walk away, and also to add this to my Etsy shop later today....after all, I have 3 more of these vintage ribbons in my stash to play with (I know I must keep one for myself) but they are so fun to make! Do you have any of these old ribbons that are just begging to be "gussied up". It's a really fun project, trust me!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Etsy on a Saturday night~~~~~

beautiful reversible apron

amazing doll's dress

handsewn doll's slip

awesome french/english phrase book from 1800's

original 1940's dick and jane book

fantastic stenso lettering co. stencils

set of 5 jelly jars with angels and crowns.......

Most of these are new in my shop today, some will be added tomorrow.....I do hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.
Here in Oregon, we're busy building our Ark! We almost needed earplugs last night it rained so hard....;).

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My latest find.....destined for a big makeover!

Good day! I just wanted to make sure I took some photos of my latest makeover challenge before I went ahead and did it and forgot to take pics! I'm very guilty of doing that....

We headed for our local recycling center this a.m. (note to self, I need to shop there much more often! So many cool items!) So although it was very chilly to be shopping outside today, as most of this recycling center is outside) we had an old ceiling fan to drop off and I was on a mission to find an old cart to go under my craft table in my studio to hopefully house a ton of my etsy items that are for sale in my shop. Well, as so often happens, I didn't find what I was looking for but I did find something else of interest!
This old case which doesn't look like much on the outside (although I knew it would be a piece of cake to doll it up some) it was the inside that won my heart!

Really heavy army green canvas with all kinds of cubbies and zippered compartments (and the zippers still work!) The part with all the pouches is double sided....

And when you lift it up, look at all the space here underneath!
So what are my plans for it? Well, if you've seen the latest issue of "Somerset Life" you probably saw the little suitcase that has been made into an artists case to take with you...that's what I have in mind for this little case...I'm cleaning it up...(very, very dirty!) and we'll see what inspiration I can weave on this case. I think I see some wallpaper in it's future, and some pretty fabrics....and tags....

Stay coming of my artist suitcase makeover!
And if I decide not to keep her...she'll end up in my etsy...:).
Have a lovely long weekend, and go make something pretty!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My favorite doll sweet Maggie Mae

So if doll heads freak you out you may want to skip this post (but who could be afraid of this little cutie?)

I found her on etsy (of course) in a wonderful shop called her shop!

She sent me Maggie Mae and then a little extra surprise! Isn't that just the cutest little frozen charlotte?

Check out Maggie Mae's luscious curls! And she has lots of original bobby pins in her hair to keep it under control....and here's something special about her that I've never had with any of my other doll heads, her eyes actually move from side to side! It's awesome...:)

I added the little hair bow...she's currently living in my kitchen window so I can see her every single day and smile! And when my studio gets more organized (I know, I know, how many times can I possibly claim that that's gonna happen before I get booted out of blogland as a BIG FAT LIAR?) Ha, but you just wait, it will happen, promise!
Anyway, you'll see lots more of Maggie Mae on my blog (sorry for those of you who just aren't that into her). What can I say, I love doll heads and I'm not ashamed of it! I was blog hopping this morning and read on someone's blog that Gloria Vanderbilt loves doll heads too, and has them on display prominently in her home.
Who would've guessed that? Not me, that's for sure.
After all, she has a fairly sophisticated style (understatement) so I guess I'm in good company.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Shopping your own house...I recommend it!

Sorry, this won't be a pretty post, just a practical one.....we just put Christmas to bed and the house is getting in order, slowly but surely.

And as I look around, like many of you this time of year I find that I like the "less is more" pared down look. So I'm going through my rooms looking for items that I can live without. Now don't get me wrong, these aren't exactly junk! After all, I loved them enough to buy them once, right?

But after awhile it's time to let things go and get organized, and I'm so at that point right now.

And most of all I'm most excited to dig deep into my studio and really clean that out as well so that I can start creating's been way too long.

part of the contents of one of my studio drawers..headed for etsy
How about you? Have you been organizing and cleaning too? Any good online creative classes on your horizon to keep those juices flowing? I've contemplated a few of them but haven't made any commitments yet...who knows...maybe tomorrow?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brand spanking new in my Etsy.....

gorgeous antique lotto game....the graphics on this one are amazing, shells and waves and coral....

another vintage lotto game shaped like a suitcase....

ditto from above.....

beautifully aged picture cards from an old lotto game...hmmm, do I sense a theme  here? Must be all the board games I've been playing with my dd! She goes back to school tomorrow and I've gotten a head start on re-organizing my studio which means I'll be listing more items soon.
It's de-stash time!
Hope you're all getting off to a wonderful (and organized) new start to your year! It's gonna be a good one!!