Friday, October 24, 2008

Vintage wallpaper love......

The little storage box on top will go to Melanie's store (one of them), the one on the bottom may need to stay with me....I think I need more storage, along with another hole in my head :)!
This cool box has the neatest dovetailed corners, other than that it was boring so I put four of my favorite vintage wallpapers on I'm loving it.
This is a little vingnette in my living room, I found the silver footed tray at Value Village for $14.99! Didn't buy it at first but Melanie convinced me it was a good price so I went back for it. It's my first "footed" tray and I love it.
I made a new set of BOO letters because I gave the old set to my good friend Brandy, who came over and was gushing over them.....I told her she needed them. Then I kept looking at my mantle and it just looked empty, I was so used to seeing BOO up there. Went back to the store and of course they didn't have those letters anymore, so I bought a bigger set and made these.
New tags I made for Mel's store.......I like the black and white aspect of these.
Well, I'm off to decorate dd's school for her Pumpkin Carnival tonight...hope you all have a great weekend.....go carve a pumpkin!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Is it wrong to love her so much?????

Meet my lovely dress form, made completely out of cardboard! Isn't she to die for? I found her this summer on vacation at the Oregon coast. She was almost out of sight, high up in a corner, when I spied her.....nonchalantly asked the shopkeeper how much she was. She said "I think I have $55 on her but that sounds like too much. How about $35?" Hmmm, I'll have to give that one some thought, ok, thought about it, I'll take her!!!!!" 
She's in pristine condition too, like she was never "used".
Do any of you have a cardboard dress form? I'm getting the impression they're quite rare.....
Of course I'd love to have a vintage Wolf dress form, but where to put her?
I love them all.....

Tagged, tagged, tagged!!!!!!

Melissa at tagged me (thanks Melissa!) so here goes, seven wierd, random things about moi!

1. I hate getting my hands wet.
2. The sight of blood doesn't bother me at all.
3. I'd rather be shot than stabbed.
4. I haven't bought new underwear in 2 years (yikes!).
5. I've lived in 17 different abodes in my lifetime (so far).
6. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
7. I can count to 10 in Mandarin.

So, now I tag seven friends:
Mel, all-my-favorite-things
Chelsea Ann, ittybittybirdy
Alisa, lifeisabeautifulplacetobe
Dale, dalemclain
Julie, piecefulbits
Marth, vintagetrifles

Have fun with it girls!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Overwhelming generosity....

On a previous post I had told you of an item I ordered from Kris Hurst's etsy shop, and here it is, this lovely Halloween collage.........but she didn't stop there....
check out these gorgeous tags....
and all these bundles of goodies....
great pieces of sheet music and some beautiful orange leaves.....
and, (please excuse the bad flash picture), something I've been coveting for quite some of her Halloween image CD's!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes, and because I've been nursing a horrific cold and have been housebound, this was such a delightful gift!
Thanks again Kris......

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Velvet album love....

So I'm a big fan of the Victorian-era velvet photo albums, I think they are beautiful works of art. This one I found on ebay for a good price (shocking, I know!) so I bought it. The pages inside are just beautiful, I love the artwork that surrounds each photo opening...and how about this clasp? Gorgeous, no?
I just love the birds and flowers on the surround on the left page above, and the lighthouse on the right page.....just incredibly lovely.
And here is the front of the album, the velvet (which on most of these is very worn off) is so plush on this one, and the inscription inside the front cover says, "To Carrie
Christmas 1889, from Hugh.
Do any of you have pictures to share of your lovely velvet albums? I'd love to see them.....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a few new Halloween goodies....

I love making these paper mache "books". They're pretty much a blank canvas with the bonus of inside storage. Sorry I don't have any pics of the inside, forgot all about it. I like to keep the current Halloween photos inside...
A picture of the spine...

This little guy was a new venture for me and it was so fun putting him together. It did take me a while though because I basically had to feel my way around this type of 3-D project. I'll do more of these for sure!
This one is my favorite. I found this really cool old frame (w/o glass) at a thrift store for 95 cents. It's large too, about 11x14. The witches image is from Kris Hurst at Blissful Elements she's one of my favorites! I love everything she does, in fact I just bought something off of her Etsy site. If you're not familiar with her work, do yourself a favor and go check out her website!
This last item is a pocket organizer made with some old and some new elements. I love making these too! I'll have lots of these in my Lollishops shop....

Just a short update, hope everyone stays warm and has a great weekend!
Go Beavers!!!!!!!!!!!