Thursday, September 25, 2014

~~~~~~~~~~~The Vintage Industry Mall~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well, it's happening and I'm so excited! My tiny space at The Vintage Industry should be open in the next few weeks.

This Mall has undergone a wonderful transformation in the last couple of months. It looks so fresh and full, I can't wait to get started! When I have my space set up I'll be sure to let you all know so you can find me in my little corner~~~happy, happy!

Monday, September 15, 2014

A huge birthday and some exciting news........!!

Our baby turned 14 on Saturday.....huh? So hard to believe...seems like just the other day we were filled with excitement driving up to Portland to pick up our angel.
You see, we adopted her at birth and it was just the very best day of our lives!
We spent her 14th (sigh) birthday up at Mt. St. Helens and the day was sunny and perfect. She's a happy and blessed girl and so are we....after all we have each other....:).
The exciting news is that I'm considering opening a booth in a local antique mall that is now being run by someone special. Many Portland gals will recognize the name of Colby Cottage.
That's right, Kathy Colby now is in charge of a mall named Vintage Industry and it's fabulous!!! I think I may need to jump in there and get my feet wet, and my sister is encouraging me and if all goes well she'll be my partner in crime! Look out!
Stay tuned, hopefully I'll have an update soon, my sis is visiting tomorrow and we'll be paying a visit to the mall....fingers crossed!