Friday, November 21, 2014

What's on your work table right now?

I've been creating, how 'bout you?
A wintery angel house.....

Tart tin ornaments (with angels of course).
Crocheted ornaments (with angels of course).
Seeing a pattern yet?

Went shopping at the Vintage Industry yesterday and came home with some wonderful goodies, including the box of shiny brites above....I mixed and matched them with some of my own personal favorites and will set these two boxes out as part of my vintage Christmas decor this year....

I love creating at this time of does the soul good!
I hope you find a bit of time just for yourself to make something that makes your heart sing.
All of the above creations are currently in my Etsy shop awaiting their new homes...!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Braggin' on my sister......she has a natural vintage shabby eye for the best.....

My sister came out yesterday to help 'foof' the booth with some of her new finds, a lot of wonderful Christmas!! She brought some awesome quilts, baby clothes and shoes, books, vintage Shiny Brites, Victorian celluloid albums and boxes, etc. Really great stuff! I'm so proud of her and amazed at how quickly she's caught on to "picking" the best!

We were able to score the MOST wonderful old chippy cabinet at another nearby mall at a great price that just barely fit into our space....whew! It's the extra bit that we needed as far as display space's in the pic above with the baby clothes hanging on can see it, right? LOL! Well, we did get carried away with adding things but hey, we all know the old retail saying "Stack 'em high and let 'em fly"! That's our motto these days.
Our booth is stuffed.

There's lots of variety and it's such a kick to be in there while people are shopping your booth and they don't know that you're listening.....:).

I'm continuing to work very hard on my Etsy shop as well and since we just got back from the flea I'll be adding some wonderful treasures to that shop very soon....stay tuned!