Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Case of the Broken Vase......

Hmm, what a mystery I had to solve on Tuesday. On Monday, first day of Autumn I went out to purchase a vase and fall-scented candle. Got my goodies home, made my display, lit my candle, was good to go.
Speed ahead to Tuesday, I'm talking to bff on the phone, wander into living room, glance down at my lovely display and much to my dismay, the vase is askew (aka broken!). What could have happened? Did my cute puppy wander in, wag her tail, and knock it over? I thought that must be it, because if my dd (8yo) had broken it, surely she would have told me right?
So here's the convo in the car on the way home from school:
Me: "Katherine, were you playing in the living room yesterday?"
K: "Yes, I was in there for awhile."
Me: "You didn't happen to break anything, did you?"
K: "Oh no, Mommy, nothing glass got broken in there."
Guess I had my answer......

Monday, September 22, 2008

HAPPY AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!!

More Halloween goodies heading north to All-My-Favorite-Things, my bff store. BTW, she has the most incredible hand-made halloween house, constructed by her dh and foofed up by Melanie. You must go check it out.
I love the expression on the little witches face above, she looks so forlorn....
The goblin collage I may need to keep, it's looking pretty good in my hall....
This is the back, and below is the front, or vice versa. I like making them 2-sided, you can change them with your mood....
not that I'm moody, oh no, not me.......
Cleaned out my studio last night, yes that's right, cleaned it out again! What's up with that?
It's in a perpetual state of messy, but I guess that's a good sign right? If it never got messy that means I wouldn't be working in there at all. And I really need to be working to get ready for the grand opening of Lollishops, hopefully in November.
So excited about that venture, so many nice people over there.
Well, I'm off to go work on my photography skills, worked a bit on that today.
I hope you all had a great first day of Autumn....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Getting my "freak" on for Halloween.....

I don't know, is she scary? My bff thinks she is, so I thought I'd put a halloween party hat on her and let her greet everyone who comes over. Hope they don't think I'm too wierd, would you be afraid?
True to form I've already made some changes to this mantle, like putting black crows on top of the cat shadow box (they add just the right touch of eeriness. I'm all about the spooky this year.
The BOO letters are by Making Memories, I got them last year and covered them with the vintage looking Daisy d's halloween paper, then embellished.
I'll try to post more tomorrow, I've got so many projects in the works that I'm worn out mentally. Do any of you do that, kind of overload yourself?
I also need to learn how to take better photos, maybe I need to take a class.....

Friday, September 12, 2008

New vintage Halloween finds and a gift........

So I went to St. Vinnie's, and was so happy to find the 80, that's right, 80 treat bags, can't wait to use these somehow. Also in the same bin were two large bags of vintage halloween cupcake picks. I showed the different styles there, but can't wait to make cupcakes and put these on the top!
Then there was this very cool Halloween "book" that is supposed to hold candy, but I'll think of a different use for it, it's very cool inside and out.
This last item is for my SIL, (sure hope she's not reading this post!). It's her birthday today and I made her this collage because she loves Halloween (who doesn't?). Love you Heather and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
Hope you're all creating something wonderful!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Coburg or bust!!!!!

One more journal, thanks for looking...sorry for the disjointed post, I'm trying to hurry so I can take my dd to Tae Kwon Do. At the end of this post you'll see some of my buys from the Coburg show, although I forgot to show the 4 pairs of leather baby shoes that I got such a great deal on!
I have big plans for those, so stay tuned........
I've been a journal-making fool, knowing Melanie was coming to visit and wanting her to have lots of goodies to take back to sell in her store.
Two of my journals that I made for Melanie's shop....
Check out this old album page, it actually has cobwebs on it!!! How cool will this be for a Halloween collage?
First batch of Halloween tags going to All-My-Favorite-Things in Portland (thanks Mel!)
Halloween tag making it's way to Melanie's shop....
Love the beautiful amethyst colored bottle (thanks Mel for spotting that for me), she also spotted the little talcum bottle that I'll probably put glitter in. The clothespins are in such a cute old box, I'll cover those with wallpaper....
I love this tiny basket, it's like a mini version of my larger Harry & David baskets, but it's the perfect size to hold my vintage calling cards.
This lotto game had a price of $1 on it! Had to look twice at that one, thought the box must empty, but look what was exciting.....

So my bff, Melanie of All-My-Favorite-Things fame came down Saturday night so we could go to Coburg Antique Faire on Sunday. We got up at 6am so we could grab a good parking spot and start shopping early (also to beat the heat).
We had a blast and here is some of my haul (don't know that you could really call it a haul, however, I was extremely frugal).
Love what I did buy though:
The red box of envelopes. Not too many people would get excited about these, but I sure did! I use a lot of old envelopes in my work, and I got this entire box for $10! The box itself is awesome too, with the really cool metal scallops all around the edges.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to school time, and this backpack is so very appropriate for my daughter (most days!). She loves school, and for that I am so grateful, knowing it could change some day...We fell in love with this backpack at Target last school year. We have loved the Mister Men/Little Miss series of books long before they were readily available here, so we were thrilled to see Target carrying so much of the product, really cute stuff!
Aren't these tally cards the cutest? I bought them on ebay and got about 8 packages (unopened) of the cutest designs, I was thrilled...good price too. They make great tags for gifts or for my journals. I really wanted to include more pics on this post but my computer is not cooperating for some reason, wouldn't even let me upload photos of my new Halloween tags that I just made. They'll be going in Melanie's store, All-My-Favorite-Things, in Portland soon.
She's coming down to visit this weekend so we can go to the Coburg show, should be a blast!
Our weather here is absolutely perfect, it feels a bit like Fall already.
By the way, my biggest news to date is that I got accepted as a vendor on Lollishops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you think I'm excited, oh yeah, just a bit over the moon....can't wait for them to be open for business. In the meantime, there's lots to do, starting with the gingerbread house challenge, I'll be starting that very soon...
Til next time..........hope everyone has a productive and fun day!