Friday, March 22, 2013

Amazing beveled antique victorian calling cards

I was so smitten with these that I had to hurry and buy them before someone else scooped them up

Because I can tell you that these are very rare indeed

There are about 50 in the little box

There are about 8 different 'sentiments' such as "Friendship"
"Love and Truth" and "Constancy" among others

I haven't decided if I'm going to share or hoard, but if you keep an eye on my shop you'll find out soon.....
~~~~~~Happy Spring Break~~~~~~

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Does anyone have this book?

Just wondering......her home is in the current issue of  'Romantic Homes' magazine and well.....I was quite smitten with her style. However, the price of between $60 and $70 for her book kind of put me off. Can anyone vouch for it? Is it all that and a bag of chips? I do love her style but......that's a lot of hard earned dough.
Anyway, in other news I'm trying to concoct a yummy Easter menu since we're hosting family this year....yay! I love Easter and am always looking for great, no fail recipes.
This week will prove to be very busy I'm sure. Dd has this last week and then Spring break is upon us.
She went with her Dad to see the MythBusters on tour here in Eugene and she got to go up on stage and help them with an experiment! Oh the excitement!
Hope you all have a great week......!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Charmed, I'm sure.......

Charmed, I'm sure! I love a great vintage book on charm.....what a fun read! I've been slogging on working on my studio and it's really shaping up. I vowed that I don't need to buy more items right now because I'm finding things in my studio to list in my shop.

But today I needed to go out to buy a weird shaped box for an item that I sold and so I hit the thrift on the just wouldn't be right not to do that!

And I found this beauty! I love a good 1950's book on charm for women......makes me see how far we've come. Thank goodness!

How to wear a hat.....

But it is a fun read and would make a great gift for a girlfriend!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Where've I been?!!!!!!

Well now, it's been awhile!! Blogger has not been my friend lately, as some of you can attest to since you've had the same problem! But it's o.k. and certainly not the end of the world because I've been so occupied doing other things. My shop has taken a lot of my attention, as has my family and that's as it should be, right? I'm proud to say that my dd (12yo) took the first place trophy in her 6th grade science project! We're so proud of her and she worked really, really hard on this project....!
I found the super cool footstool today with I don't know how many coats of chippy paint on it....had to have it! The little steps fold up underneath the seat. So cool!

My dh took one look at it and said, "Great! Look at all that lead paint!" He skeered me so I just finished giving it 2 coats of clear sealer after wiping off the flakes that were loose....not really that much so I'm not too worried.

Found this gorgeous wool blanket as well, it's already listed in my Etsy shop.

And how about this pretty 3-tiered organizer? LOVE this! Was going to list it as well but I'm not sure I'll be able to!
I've also been up to my ears in a studio re-vamp of me, it's about time. I'm getting rid of some things that need to be gone and basically re-organizing so that I can actually work in there....what a concept. It's actually not so great to have a studio if you can't work in it, much less get around in there.
I'm sure I'm not alone (please tell me I'm not!)
Anyway, life is busy but good, hope yours is the same!