Monday, July 20, 2015

Soon we'll be here..........our dream "HOME"

I admit I've had troubles of late with's what happens when you take a "time out". Things change behind your back!

We look forward to our annual beach trip which will happen soon. It's the thing that memories are made of!

So many changes in our lives recently, thankfully most of them great. Hope you and yours are feeling the same. It's Summer and the livin' should be easy. I hope you're all taking the time to relax and re-fuel.

I made these BEACH letters using my dd's Laura Ashley border. They sold pretty quickly and I do hope the new owner enjoys these letters! I love making things like this that speak to people. I like to imagine how they will use them in their home. Are they for a child's room? A studio? A sunroom?

It's fun to think of the possibilities.........don't you think?